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Legal Startups Panel at NELIC!

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As promised, I’m thrilled to announce a full session of panelists for the NELIC conference on startups in the legal space, featuring (from left to right):

Moderated by Cole Krumbholz, the panel will cover the dynamic ecosystem of startups springing up to address and attack problems in the legal industry. Who’s funding these ventures? Who will lead this businesses? How will they change the frontier of innovation in the industry? And, perhaps most importantly how might they change the public norms and expectations around the legal practice? Excited — we’re looking forward to get a chance to get their take on how the space is looking at the moment, and where it’ll be headed into the future.

Thrilled to have such a totally stellar group of panelists and sure that the discussion will be fast and fierce. We’ve gone ahead and updated the schedule accordingly. Registration is available here, and student/press passes are available by sending an e-mail to

Personal Data and Legal User Interfaces: Joe Andrieu at NELIC!

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Finally rounding out our legal user interface design session today by announcing that we’ve confirmed the ever-awesome Joe Andrieu as a speaker for NELIC!

Joe is co-chair of the Information Sharing work group at the Kantara Initiative, where he’s working to define a technology, business, and legal framework for giving individuals control over the data they share with vendors and online services.

He also serves on the Steering Committee for Project VRM, a research and development project from Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society that encourages the development of tools by which individuals can take control of their relationships with organizations — especially in commercial marketplaces. He’ll be speaking about their work in both implementing the complex legal aspects of managing personal data online, and how they’ve been thinking about implementing it in a way that allows everyday users to easily navigate those transactions.

By our count, we’re hitting the t-minus three week mark on the conference, so expect things to accelerate from here on in!

Captains of Legal Finance: Richard Fields Confirmed!

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It’s been a crazy week of scheduling and panel wrangling here at NELIC conference headquarters as we head into the home stretch (so we’ve been a bit slow on blogging here). In any case, I’m thrilled to announce today that the first member of our stellar panel on the past, present, and future of legal finance has officially confirmed!

Today, I’m excited to welcome Richard Fields to NELIC. Richard is the CEO over at Juridica Capital Management, arguably the leading firm involved in providing financing to large business claims and disputes.

In addition to his work at Juridica, he also serves on the board of the RAND Corporation’s Institute for Civil Justice. NELIC couldn’t be luckier to have him at the conference.

Stay tuned for more — I’ve gone ahead and updated the schedule as per usual. We’ve also got a late breaking panel coming together behind the scenes that I think will be of big interest. And a reminder that registration is now open (and tickets are going fast)!

Ayelette Robinson at NELIC!

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The team over here at NELIC headquarters has been super excited about how the legal automation session is shaping up for the conference. We’ve got Pablo Arredondo with Occam, Inc., speaking about the moving frontier of startups in the legal automation space. We’ve also got Michael Poulshock, talking about how automation is changing the way the government processes legal work.

We’ve been looking for a third person to round out the panel, talking about how automation is hitting legal practice, particularly among the more nimble and progressive firms. Glad to say we’ve found the perfect person for that slot, and are excited to announce that she’s officially agreed to participate in NELIC this year!

Ayelette Robinson is the Director of Knowledge Technology and Knowledge Management Counsel at Littler Mendelson P.C., where she is responsible for the design, development and implementation of the firm’s technology-based knowledge management systems. She’s also the San Francisco rep for the International Legal Technology Association. As if that weren’t enough, she’s also one of the regular contributors behind one of RR&H’s favorite Three Geeks and a Law Blog. Excited to have her!

Schedule updated as per usual — have a good weekend!

Creative Commons Vice President Mike Linksvayer at NELIC!

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Sorry about the delay in posting, dear readers! We’ve been busily cranking away at getting some final speakers into place for our panels and spreading the word about the conference (with a quick trip out to the annual SXSW Interactive festival in between), so just now getting a chance to drop an update out to the blog.

Today, glad to be back on track filling out our already awesome list of panelists. Specifically, glad to announce that the Vice President of Creative Commons Mike Linksvayer will be joining our panel on designing legal interfaces! Creative Commons is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that supports a permissive copyright licensing framework that allows people to freely share and remix media.

The design of their licensing framework and their dead-simple copyright deed generator are premiere examples of what can be done in assembling streamlined “human-readable” interfaces for non-lawyers to easily manage the law and legal transactions. He’ll be talking about CC’s approaches to user experience on this front, and its massive impact worldwide.

We’re thrilled to have him on the panel. Schedule updated, stay tuned for more tomorrow!

photo courtesy Joi Ito CC BY

NELIC Confirms Franny Lee

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As promised, this week has a whole slew of news coming out from NELIC conference headquarters.

Today, I’m very excited to announce that we’ve confirmed that Franny Lee will be joining us for the conference in April! Franny is a former composer and jazz musician, and a graduate of Stanford Law School in their Law, Science, and Technology program. In the past, she has worked as an intellectual property litigator at Cassels Brock & Blackwell in Toronto, and has provided advice and guidance to the Copyright Board of Canada. She’s currently a Resident Fellow at the Stanford Center for Computer and Law.

At the conference, she’ll be speaking on our legal interfaces session, tackling the implications and best practices around the creation of “human-readable” systems that make it easy for even non-lawyers navigate legal work and transactions. Specifically, she’ll be discussing her work on the soon-to-be-launched Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange, a service that is aiming to provide a streamlined online marketplace for managing copyright clearances. It’s groundbreaking stuff, in our humble opinions, and NELIC is absolutely thrilled to have her.

We’ve updated our schedule as per usual. And, true to our word, registration for the conference will be officially opening up tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Legal Automation and Startups: Pablo Arredondo at NELIC!

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As promised, we’ve got another speaker coming out of the gate today — excited to announce that our friend Michael Poulshock will be joined on the panel about legal automation by entrepreneur Pablo Arredondo.

Like many of the other speakers so far confirmed for NELIC, Pablo is a fellow at the Stanford Center for Computers and the Law, where his research focuses on the interface of information technology with the work of litigation. He currently co-founder and CEO of Occam, Inc., a startup that focusing on the technology of legal informatics and automation. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School, and before working on Occam represented a variety of technology companies in patent litigation on the district and appellate level.

Thrilled to have him! We’ve updated the schedule accordingly, as per usual.

Large Scale Legal Automation: Michael Poulshock Confirmed For NELIC!

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We’re thrilled to kick off the next round of announcements for speakers by announcing that Michael Poulshock will be participating on our session on legal automation!

Michael is the CEO of Poulshock Consulting, where he provides consulting services on legal automation to the government and has worked in the past with the IRS and the Kansas Department of Labor. He’ll be talking about the evolving space of large-scale legal automation in the government, and the impact on the practice of law into the future.

In the past, Michael was the founder of the Jureeka project, a fellow at Stanford’s CodeX and was a principal legal knowledge engineer at Oracle, where he worked on implementing legal decision systems. We’re pumped to have him.

Schedule updated as per usual, stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Itai Gurari of Google Scholar Repping at NELIC!

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And, today, I’m pleased to round out the quantitative legal data mining and prediction roster by announcing our final panelist of that session. Excited to confirm that Itai Gurari will be speaking on the panel, joining already-announced panelists Josh Walker and Dan Katz. Itai is a lawyer and software engineer currently working on the immense project that is Google Scholar, where he is working to develop legal search solutions around the authoritativeness and content of cases.

He formerly worked as a litigation associate at Jones Day, and was a researcher with the big brains over at IBM’s Haifa Research Lab. He is also the founder of Tracelaw, a project that focuses on case law search and semantic analysis.

Thrilled to have him! Stay tuned tomorrow — we’ll begin announcing the guests that we’ve confirmed for the panel on legal automation, and we’re planning to have registration open up formally later this week.

Network Analysis and the Law: Dan Katz Confirmed for NELIC!

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As promised, another speaker announcement coming out over the blog-waves today, excited to announce that researcher Dan Katz will be participating on our NELIC session on quantitative data mining and prediction in the legal system! Dan is PhD Candidate and currently a fellow in Empirical Legal Studies over at the University of Michigan. He’s also fellow at the Center for the Study of Complex Systems.

The NELIC team came across Dan’s work fairly recently – and it’s amazing stuff. He’s been working on large scale network analysis of the legal system and looking at a variety of topics in that space. That includes mapping the topology of the judiciary to detect systematic change in legal doctrines, tracing the complexity of systems of statutes, and a host of others you definitely need to check out if you haven’t seen it already.

To boot, he’s also one of the proprietors of the endlessly great resource that is the Computational Legal Studies blog. We’re thrilled to have him. We’ve updated the schedule accordingly — stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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