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January BALT Meetup: Fenwick & West

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Happy 2014! Our first Bay Area Legal Tech (BALT) meetup of the year will be a bit different this time: we’re bringing together members of the community to share a series of short talks about what they’ve been working on and their schemes for the new year. Should be awesome.

We are being hosted by the good people of Fenwick & West LLP — details here:

January 21, 2014 – 6 – 8 PM
Fenwick & West LLP – Mountain View
801 California Street 94041

Talks to include experiments in the automated parsing of legal documents to make them more machine readable, the quantification of legal performance through public data, and much more!

In order to get into the building, you’ll need to provide names in advance so we can give a guest list to security. Drop a line if you’d like to attend to See you there!

November SF/SV Legal Tech Meetup: The Patio!

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Hello everyone! As promised, we’re back to our usual meetup schedule:

Our November meetup will be on November 19th down at The Patio in Palo Alto, going from 7 PM to around 9ish.

As per usual, keep an eye out on @RobotandHwang for any updates on the day-of, and you can always stay posted on future get-togethers by joining our e-mail list. See you there!

October SF/SV Legal Tech Meetup

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(I’ve received some suggestions to start posting dates/locations of the informal legal tech meetups that we’ve been doing publicly up here on the RR&H blog, so here we are)

People of Legal Technology! We’ll be meeting up at the cavernous but comfortable Southern Pacific in the Mission next Tuesday (10/15) for our usual monthly meetup.

It will be going from 7 PM to approximately 9 PM — super casual, come as you are and feel free to bring along any friends who nerd out about this sort of thing. We should be a pretty obvious group, but if not, keep an eye out for updates over @RobotandHwang on Twitter.

And: if you’d like to stay informed about future meetups, be sure to join our list over on Google Groups.

(image courtesy Mission Mission)

Bay Area Legal Tech Meetups Are Back

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Back by popular demand, RR&H is glad to announce that we’re back in the saddle and doing regular legal technology meetups again in the Bay Area!

Our first will be tomorrow (6/11) at Southern Pacific Brewing (620 Treat Avenue) in the Mission, going from 6 – 9. 

We’ll be alternating between up in SF and down in the Valley over the next few months so people can make it. Keep an eye @RobotandHwang for details on where we are, if we’re still there, etc. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

(photo courtesy Inhabitat)

FutureLaw Video Is Up!

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Good news, everyone! Video from FutureLaw is officially up:

Enjoy! Let us know if there’s any problems or questions —

Two Upcoming Events

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Phew! It has been awhile over on this here blog — senior partners have been keeping us busy with work on the upcoming release of our CorpBot Toolkit. Anyways, we’re finally getting some fresh air and (trying) to even out our florescent, computer screen tan in the next few weeks. There’s two events that RR&H will be making an appearance at:

Friends over at the Stanford Center for Computers and the Law are doing a small day long get-together gathering the entrepreneurs, scholars, and financiers that are working in disruptive technology in the legal industry in the Bay Area. Looking to be a showcase of a ton of awesome companies that are working in the space, as well as a good chance to unconference and scheme more generally.

The link above mentions that the event is invite only – but give us a holler (tim AT, if you want to get on the guest list and we’ll be happy to get you the deets. We’ll be there throughout the day, and then will be doing one of our usual disruptive legal technology dinners/meetups, so if you’re Mountain View-based and want to meet up afterwards, we’ll be all decamping somewhere around 7 that day. Just watch the @RobotandHwang.

John Randall and the team over at BLIP are engaged in a neat experiment: can hackathons be deployed among lawyers to stimulate new ideas and collaborations as effectively as they are in the software/web space? It’s not something that we’ve heard done much in the past, and something that we’re excited to see play out and would love to have more of, frankly.

We’re trapped out (unfortunately!) in the Bay Area, but we’ll be tuning in on Skype big-head-on-a-screen style to give a short talk entitled “Horses To Water” – about battle plans for actually achieving adoption of legal tech in a world full of haters (lawyers). If you’re going to be around NYC, registration is available here.

Anyways, we’d love to hang out at either (or both) of these events. Hope to catch you all around!