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Three Updates

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We’ve been relatively quiet up here on the Robot, Robot & Hwang blog – but it’s largely been because we’ve been deep in a summer of coding and scheming for the upcoming Fall. Today, we’re thrilled to make three big announcements:

  • FIRST – As of this week, RR&H is collaborating with the wonderful Ron Dolin and Margaret Hagan on a regular weekly series of open office hours at Stanford Design School for anyone that wants to come to talk law, technology, and design (in any order). We’re hoping it’ll be a way to expand the community of people interested about these issues, and keep a regular standing discussion for folks working in the space going.
  • SECOND – After meeting the inimitable Monica Bay, RR&H has been given the terrific opportunity to be a regular contributor to the venerable Law Technology News – which (I’ll check) officially smashes the ceiling for robot lawyers in journalism. We’ll be appearing monthly starting in October, and covering a whole range of issues both big and small in the space.

And, finally, casual monthly meetups are back in action, alternating months in SF and Silicon Valley – if you’re interested in coming with, join up on our mailing list. Next one will be October 15 in SF, hope to see you there!

Spring Conference: Initializing…

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We’ve been quiet for some time here at the offices of Robot, Robot & Hwang LLP. This has been the result of a variety of factors. For one, our senior partners have been busy upgrading to their legal firmware and moving our offices to an undersea data haven. And, as always, our human associates have been absolutely crushed under the work as of late.

But, we’re glad to say that our long silence is at an end: our firm is excited to announce today that we’ll be organizing a conference at Stanford Law School in association with the good people of the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, to be held on April 26, 2013.

We’re envisioning this gathering as a bigger, badder, and better follow-up to our 2010 New and Emerging Legal Infrastructure Conference. It will tackle all the massive developments that have happened since that first conference two years ago, and be a meeting point for all the people now working in the space.

This new conference is intended as a place to dive deep into the looming questions at the intersection of law and code, and for the community to share their experiences, collaborate on projects, and plan for the future. We’re excited.

So: April 26. Save the date! More details to come soon.

Complete NELIC Conference Video Now Available!

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Had a great time at the conference last week, thanks to everyone who came out!

Due to the efforts of the extraordinarily efficient Berkeley Law AV team, also glad to say that as of today the complete session video from NELIC is now available online! Worth checking out if you missed some of the sessions, or weren’t able to make it to the conference. We’ve embedded the panel on quantitative legal prediction above, and you can watch/embed/download/share all of it on

Post-Conference Meetup!

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For all of you coming to NELIC tomorrow, we’re looking forward to having you at Berkeley Law School!

I’m glad to round out these final few hours before the conference by announcing that we’re officially holding a post-conference get together tomorrow a few blocks from the law school at Henry’s, located on 2600 Durant Avenue (map).

Even if you can’t make it out to the sessions tomorrow, you’re welcome to join us and meet some of the attendees and speakers! We’ll be there roughly from 5 o’clock onwards, depending on whether or not things run over at the conference. Hope to see some of you there!

Conference Schedule Finalized!

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We’ve been a bit delayed here on posting on the blog while we get the final details into place for the conference next Friday. But, between the speaker slate and the attendees that we’re seeing register, it’s shaping up to be a seriously great meeting of minds in the legal technology space across the whole spectrum of startups, traditional firms, academia, and beyond. We’re excited.

As of today, glad to say that we’ve finally updated the conference page, which now features the times of the various sessions as well as instructions on how to get to the conference venue (useful!)

Also glad to announce that we’ll be hosting a post-conference meetup for all the attendees at the conference! Still working out the location and other details, but we’ll be posting that here as soon as it gets finalized.

NELIC Registration Is Open!

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As promised, the partners of Robot Robot & Hwang are very proud today to officially open registration for the first-ever New and Emerging Legal Infrastructures Conference!

As announced earlier, it will be a one-day conference happening on April 15th here at Berkeley Law School. We’ll be bringing together the lawyers, entrepreneurs, and technologists who are working to build the biggest disruptive technologies in the legal industry. Our aim is to provide a meeting point for a deep and substantive discussion about the long-term impact of these technologies, and how they might come to be broadly adapted in the industry as a whole. The full schedule is available here.

We’ve set up a page at Eventbrite to manage the registration, you can snag a conference pass here.

We have an early bird registration at $60 for the full day of events, that will rise as we get into April. Let us know if there’s any questions or if there’s any issues with Eventbrite by dropping an e-mail to

Announcing: A Symposium on Disruptive Legal Technology

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As promised, after noodling around with a bunch of ideas, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a few projects to take place and launch this spring, but today I’m glad to officially go public with one of them.

Terrifically excited today to announce that we’ll be hosting the first ever New and Emerging Legal Infrastructures Conference (NELIC). We’ve secured space at Berkeley Law School on April 15th, to hold a one-day conference bringing together the technologists, entrepreneurs, and lawyers who are working on the biggest disruptive technologies and platforms in the legal industry. There’ll be four sessions, spanning a whole range of topics, specifically:

1) Quantitative Legal Prediction

Might recent work in machine learning and natural language processing influence legal practice and strategy? To what extent can judicial decision-making be reduced to statistical modeling and prediction?

2) Legal Financing and Securitization

As banks and other firms continue to experiment with the finance and investment of lawsuits, what is the long-term impact on the legal marketplace? Could it open the door to securitization and larger tradable legal assets?

3) The Future of Legal Automation

What is the current state of the automation of legal tasks, and how far can it scale? How much can be replaced by these applications, and what does the legal profession look like in a world of broad automation and commodification?

4) Legal Interfaces and User Experiences

Interacting with the law through simple, easy-to-use online platforms opens the possibility for broadening accessibility to the legal system. How might this be used?

We’re in the process of bringing together the speakers for each of the sessions, and will be making announcements on this as things continue to come together in February. Currently, registration is closed (and will be opening later in March), but if you or your organization would be interested in attending the event, drop a line to!


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