About RRH

Founded in 2010, Robot Robot and Hwang is envisioned critically as a legal startup — an organization that attempts to marshall a universe of thinking from the world of technology, startup, and computational science to bear on the often staid and conservative world of legal practice.

This impacts not only our subject, but our process as well. Drawing from Lessig’s commandment that code is law, we believe equally strongly that law can be code. RRH seeks to think about legal systems as technical ones and, in doing so, draw on a rich tradition of nerdery and hacker ethos. In the end, we aim to open broad new opportunities for experimentation and fashion the emergence of a kind of legal hacking as a field of endeavor.

As Richard Susskind has pointed out, law is something that is to be radically reshaped by the emergence of technology that, at its heart, is about the management and manipulation of data on an entirely new scale. To that end, RRH is simultaneously a discussion about how legal practice might be remade with new tools as well. The question is what these platforms will be, and how they will manifest. Our organization aims to actively participate and experiment in that evolving space.